Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The year 2012 arrived precisely on schedule. The crowd, numbering a million or more, shouted out "three - two - one" as the sparkly ball dropped at Time Square in New York City - and the new year began. It dawned bright and beautiful with hope, love, peace and harmony.

One more time, a door of opportunity has opened - just for you. So, what will you do with it? What are your plans? What is your New Year's resolution?

Whether you plan to lose weight, quit smoking, or become wealthy, you will need a plan. Your resolution, based on the sincere review of your experience and expectation, can move forward from a firm base. Added bonuses may include health, wealth and happiness. Reports are that people who have resolved and have successfully quit smoking found increased energy, clearer thinking, more positive attitudes and enhanced self respect, esteem and ambition as a result - not to mention financial savings from smoking products (and cleaning costs to remove the stink of pollution).

Jim Rohn, author of The Miracle of Personal Development, wrote "What you become is far more important than what you get."

2012, I resolve to set moderate goals; to be informed and harmonious with life and to take more photographs. I plan to work more diligently on attitude, to observe and appreciate the beauty all around me. Like Aesop's turtle, I plan to set a steady pace and win my race.