Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The autumn equinox eased in this September, as it often does, with cool mornings and summer-like temperatures each afternoon.  Calendars clicked past the first day of fall and I haven't seen a hummingbird since.  I do believe they saw it coming and quietly sneaked away.  But I did notice the crispness in the air.  Did you?

Even the ducks are reacting.  I can hear them congregating at Pigeon Creek.  They have chatty quacks when they gather at the water's edge, then squawk like a hallelujah chorus once they take flight - making way for the arrival of bald eagles.  We have already spotted a few eagles flying over the creek.  Hopefully, there will be many more to come as it wasn't so many years ago when sighting a Bald Eagle, our powerful and graceful national symbol, was rare. To protect them, people didn't mention spotting one - their species had diminished and become dangerously vulnerable to humans.  Now neighbors shout to neighbors, "The eagles are back.  They were flying this morning.  Did you see them?"  Everyone living along our creek continues to keep a watch for them - as well as other birds and wild species.

Autumn wraps around us like a silk cape, cool and protective.  Take a deep breath and feel the air's transition from last week's oppressive summer heat to a refreshing breath of energy.  Autumn is the time to harvest rewards of a growing with haystacks, shocks of corn and pumpkins-a-plenty, with beekeepers honey, black walnuts and apples by the bushel. Farmer's markets at town squares offer the season's best varieties of vegetables for a pot of autumn soup - perhaps, green cabbage soup this week and Tortellini soup with squash and carrots next. Mmmmm good....

I love to see autumn colors: green and gold, red, orange and brown.  They are my favorites.  I love the sound of rustling leaves, the earthy smell of autumn in the air and the feel of cool autumn breezes on my face.  Life is SOooo good....

How does autumn feel to you?  Tell me.  I'd like to know.
Nancy yTe \