Sunday, April 3, 2011

The View through my KALEIDOSCOPE

I AM a 'collector.' I collect word, books, ink pots, feathers, flags, pinwheels, colorful things that flutter in a breeze and colored eggs of gemstones, wood or plaster. I collect dishes, and recipes, coffee cups and pop-up books, photographs and figurines . AND, I have a nice collection of kaleidoscopes.

KALEIDOSCOPES are a fascinating creation. Who invented them and when? I'd like to thank that person! While they can be a simple tube with mirrors and confetti, they are like life - ever changing in shape and color, design and intensity. Like life, one must always look forward as you can never turn a kaleidoscope back to a previous time or image. One is allowed only to move on to the next shifting of the light and time to a new minute, image, hour, performance, day and experience. A Kaleidoscope can deliver relaxation, happiness, peace and beauty to the beholder.

It makes no great difference whether is is an inexpensive cardboard tube reflecting a few glass beads or a cherrywood cylinder directed toward a turntable music box arranged with spectacular gemstones. Each time I raise a kaleidoscope to my eye and peer into the magic tube, I think, "This one is my most favorite." There are so many of them in my collection, I cannot recall where each came from, or when or why or how. Nonetheless, each is my favorite the moment I reach for it, expecting to be awed once again by the magic it contains. The image in each scope is like a beautiful story with heartfelt words. It is like a gift of color and light; like watching the Fourth of July fireworks or viewing the Aurora Borealis. Although it is a trick with mirrors, it reflects the abundance of beauty in this world. Just pick up a kaleidoscope and peer into it. What do you see... ? ?

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  1. Nancy, your first blog is a perfect reflection of your personality. Colorful,with many facets,interesting,mercurial and never, ever boring. You are unique.