Wednesday, July 27, 2011


What is your dream? Is there something you've always wanted to do? Some place you've always wanted to visit? Some thing you've always wanted to learn? Somebody you've always wanted to meet? Now is a good time to make your dream come true.

First, define your dream so you know where you're going - or you could end up somewhere else. Design a plan of action, a road map to take you to your destination. Set a time table to accomplish each leg of your journey. Think ahead. Consider 'what if' and be prepared for detours. Keep a journal of your experience - a log of your accomplishments.

Do you want to learn to cook like Julia Child; be a blacksmith like Ira Carpenter; grow flowers like Luther Burbank; climb Mt. Everest like Edmund Hillary; play tennis like Serena Williams or paint like Grandma Moses? Success may not be 'easy' but it can be 'simple.'

My nephew wanted to play a dulcimer. Following many successful years creating big, beautiful, diverse structures, his bride encouraged and joined him in this new pursuit. After practice and more practice, their musical talents reward them with pleasure and accomplishment.

Stephen King wanted to be a writer. He began at an early age by reading, reading, reading and writing, writing, writing. He was an 'overnight success' after nearly thirty years. His dream came true.

When my multi-talented sister decides to accomplish a project, she gathers up her tools and her imagination to craft beautiful, unusual and diverse things - from real gardens to paper flowers, from jewelry to greeting cards, photographs to magazines and quilts to stepping stones - there is no stopping her!

The succeessful journey to making your dream come true begins with "A Desire to Succeed." M. R. Kopmeyer, one of my favorite inspirational authors, wrote "Be Prepared" and "Do the Thing and You Will have the Power." It is amazing how much you can accomplish by applying these two simple statements as your mantra. Use them to make your dream come true - and let me know how it worked for you. I want to know.

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