Thursday, December 6, 2012


Here's my opinion regarding a recent trend where men grow a stubble beard and actually go out in public fuzz-faced.  I think they look unclean.  I've heard young women say they think it looks masculine, rugged or cute.  This bristling appearance is bad enough while wearing work clothes or ratty jeans gut particularly foolish, even incongruent, when nicely clad otherwise.  Worst of all is the guy with sprouting face hair while dressed in formalwear.  Yuck!

I love it when somebody asks my opinion - because I always have one.  I am thrilled when I hear someone else express the same opinion as mine, especially when it is someone of intelligence, respect, accomplishment, even famous.  It happened this week and was caught on camera for the evening news.  Yep.

Famous entertainment industry people were on the Red Carpet at some big awards event.  One of the interviewers, a man I'd presume to be about thirty, was appropriately dressed for the occasion and doing a fine job of intercepting the most recognizable actors and actresses for comment.  One of the attendees was an easily recognized leading man who the interviewer enticed into a brief interview.  The interviewer was taken aback, however, when this actor's comment turned to the interviewer's appearance.

"What's this," he said as he put his hand on the interviewer's jaw, "forgot to shave?"  The interviewer sputtered.  "That's disrespectful," said the actor, referring to the interviewer's appearance.

Moments later the interviewer zeroed in on some other actor, not famous enough for me to recognize, but one whose face was densely stubbled.  His comments showed his relief to find someone else who hadn't found the occasion important enough to shave before stepping on the Red Carpet.  By now, the interviewer kinda reminded me of a naught boy who got caught peeing on the neighbor's tulips but felt justified because "Johnny did it, too!"

I have new respect for the movie actor originally interviewed.  He had not been on the top of my
"favorite" list before this interview, but he's #1 now.  He expressed his opinion in words clearly and succinctly, as I wish I had thought to do myself, when he described the interviewer's appearance "disrespectful."

Nancy yTe \

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