Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 - New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve.  It's time to sum up the old year and plan for the new.

Have you written down your resolution for 2014?  While just 8% of resolutions are kept, did you know those people who do write down their wants and expectations are more likely to accomplish them?  What are your desires and hopes for this New Year?  Why not be one of the 8% !

Here is a bit of help - as gleaned from my stack of articles written on the subject - and my personal experience:

Keep it simple.
Make it personal.
Be realistic.

Exampe: "Be more considerate" can be a workable resolution in that it is simple, personal and realistic as you decide to design and implement it.  You may not change the world but you can make a positive difference in your own part of it.

Example: "Lose 10#" is a realistic resolution (while 100# or 10# @ month is not).  With a daily, weekly regimen to maintain your mental, physical and spiritual connection with your esolution, it can certainly be realized.  The desire is yours, the plan is yours and the reward if yours!

Example: "World Peace" seems to be a simple and personal desire, but it is not realistic beyond your own, small world and self - making "Be more considerate" a better choice.

My 2014 resolution is as simple as the engraving on a little silver heart I received as a Christmas gift: wish it; dream it; do it.  Of course, 'it' is whatever you or I want 'it' to be - from a little red wagon to a million dollars.  My 'it' is appreciation for today and for the people living in it; simple, personal, realistic.

I expect to be one of the successful 8%.  How about you?  Tell me of your 2014 resolution.  I'd like to know.

Nancy yTe \

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