Tuesday, May 3, 2011


What a relief it is to see the sun shining this morning after a week of Weather Bureau warnings, downpouring rain, the road between my house and the highway flooded and closed, and tornado warnings that made me take cover more than once. Let me tell you about a tornado in my closet....
~Now I don't remember which evening it was when the Weather Bureau set off alarms on every media. Tornado sightings with touch-downs were heading right for my house! I think it was the fourth time in a week that I had prepared to dive into the hall closet.
~I closed off all the windows with curtains or blinds, closed all the doors, turned off all the lights and removed the vacuum cleaners from the closet before I checked my emergency equipment: battery and windup flashlights, radio, water, inhaler, purse with cash, credit cards, keys and cell phone. Don't forget shoes (I always forget shoes).
~The warnings were coming faster, closer, louder and more urgent - when the phone rang. It was Christy. I told her what was happening and she offered to get off the phone if I would feel safer closed in the closet, but I said I would rather she kept talking - and so she did. I have no idea what she was telling me; something funny, something serious, something interesting...who knows... I don't remember.
~What I do know is that the tornado split in two, part going to the north of my house, part to the south. We got wind and hail and rain. I also got Christy, holding my hand, so to speak, through the storm - and gratitude when the All-Clear sounded!
~I hope the sun is shining at your house! And that you have a comforting hand to hold during a storm.

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