Sunday, October 30, 2011


Everyody has favorite friends, places, colors and things... Pop-Up Books are one of my favorite things. Are they one of your favorites, too?

Certainly I am partial to words and books, stories and illustrations. Add a pop-up element and I am thrilled with the paper folding genius that makes it possible. On my bookshelf is a colorful little book with just five pages of simple poetry enhanced with little drawings and cleverly folded pop-up flowers. It begins with the poem, "A thing of Beauty" by John Keats as a trio of daffodils literally blooms out from the page. Is there any better way to offer a reader a thing of beauty?

Some of this poetry book's pop-ups rise up, as did the daffodils, from the bottom of the page while others shift from right to left or top to bottom. The final page of apple blossoms magically opens from pink buds to flowers. You can almost smell the fragrance!

It's Halloween and I have a couple Monster Pop-Up Books - books of few words but scary, colorful characters jump up from the page. At Christmastime I display a series of children's pop-up books with stories from the Jesus' birth to "The Night Before Christmas."

Perhaps the most accomplished pop-up book designer is Robert Sabuda who, along with Matthew Reinhart, produces big, beautiful books of complicated paper folding artistry like Peter Pan, Fairies, Jungle Book and America to name a few.... My sister has an impressive collection of Sabuda's books. She also has a talent for paper folding, scrap-booking and creating unique greeting cards.

It would be nice to have enough talent to make pop-up books to emphasize my Haiku poetry but, alas, I have no such ability - just appreciation for those who do! If you'd like to try paper folding pop-ups, just look up Go to Explore Pop-Up Books and click on 'Simple Pop-Ups You Can Make.' I made the three-masted ship. Well, it is fun to try....

What are your Favorite Things? Tell me. I'd like to know.

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