Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I seem to have lost October! Have you seen it?

It is one of my favorite months - especially with the feel of autumn on my cheeks, bags of candy corn everywhere, and the sound of acorns tapdancing on my car. Every October day seems to bring another beautiful day to remember. Some bring us reminiscences from past Octobers while others are new visions to create new memories.

Halloween is just one week away. Of course, it is my most favorite holiday of the year - I even have an orange cat, Daphne Dom-Dilly, and a black witch's hat to celebrate the occasion. This is a time for fresh apples, pumpkins, squashes; a time for vegetable soup, football games and chrysanthymum corsages. It is the time of year when every scary movie is replayed on TCM - just for screams. I'm not sure what the favored costumes will be this year but some of my most favorites are those worn by my children and grandchildren when they were young: Pirates, Queen Elizabeth I, head-hunter, the Jolly Green Giant (that one won a first-prize award at a Halloween party), cowboy/girl, blonde Dutch girl or a colorful clown. One granddaughter morphed into a turtle at age ten months. Toddlers became dragons, princesses and bears. It was such fun to design Halloween costumes and to greet neighbor children clad in their own versions of classical or popular characters. Trick or Treat!

This year, October has disappeared in a heat wave followed by drenching rains then shivering blasts of coldness. My family and the entire community seemed to be sneezing, coughing and speaking in a nasal dialect. How grateful we are as the weather has stabilized into warm days and cool nights. Driving across the Ozarks is beautiful every month of the year. October is no exception as emerald green meadows slowly turn darker or lighter, while trees that were green last week now surprise us by wearing bright reds and yellows leaves. Will this be a year of shock and awe with autumn beauty? My camera is powered up and ready. Seven days of October yet to come and I don't want to miss another day of it! How about you?

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