Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Jack & Jill, Lewis & Clark, Romeo & Juliet, or Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers flash to mind as people who go together quite naturally. Each pair reminds me of a husband and wife at some time in their life. And, like the song People who need People says, humans who want and need other people are the luckiest people in the world.

Valentine's Day is the ideal holiday to express that appreciation for another person. As children, we delivered a stack of valentines to classmates, then we became more selective in our friendships and to whom we gave our heart - paper or real - siblings, dear friends or lover.

Simple lives become complicated with knowledge, career, responsibility and life. Relationships, whether spouse, family, neighbors and friends, become gems of lasting value. We have but a few occasions designed to honor special relationships each year; birthdays or anniversaries serve us well but Valentine's Day is like winning first prize or enjoying ice cream with your cake.

My stack of Valentines is ready for delivery to children, siblings, grand children and friends. These are, after all, the people I dearly love and who complete my 'togetherness' with life. They are the reliable constants, the peanut butter & jelly, pen and paper or Laurel & Hardy (that was my husband and me in comic togetherness) who do love me in return.

Because you are my friend, I wrote "Be Mine" on a BIG RED HEART and emailed it you. In the event my valentine didn't make it to your inbox - I offer this Haiku:

Softer than sound
The butterfly sings her song
Of Valentine kisses.
Nancy yTe \

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