Monday, February 27, 2012


Everyone wants to be happy. It is so much better than the alternative. Why do some people appear so much happier than others? Where do they find all that happiness? How can you feel happier? Abraham Lincoln said, "People are about s happy as they decide to be..." So, if you'd like to experience happiness, here's how:

Happiness is sweet, like a beautiful dessert, a cupcake, fluffy meringue or banana split piled high with whipped cream. Happiness begins with the sight of something delicious, the anticipation of tasting it and the awakening of your taste buds with the first bite. Mmmm, happiness is good.

Happiness is hearing the music that makes you want to get up and dance. It is the catchy tune that repeats itself in your head as you move through your day; the sound of children giggling or the bubbling waterfall. Happiness is hearing a loved-one's voice. Your brain cannot think two tings at the same time so you can decide to replace worry with music. Aha.

Happiness is seeing the beauty all around you; in the color of a robin's egg, a newly unfolded leaf, the everchanging clouds in a blue sky or recognizing a friendly face. I overheard a lady saying, "My husband always wears a smile so my heart begins to beat with a happy rhythm the moment he walks in the door." Start a trend. Smile when you greet people or look into a mirror. Smiles are contagious.

Happiness is something warm and fuzzy like chicken soup or a warm blanket. Those are the things that make us feel loved when we receive them and loving when we give them to others. Either way, it is happiness. Consequently, happiness is a two-way street. When we learn to be a happy recipient, we can be even happier giving.

Happiness is everywhere. Take just one hour to count the things that could, should, can and do make you happy. You will be surprised. The happiness you can encounter in one entire day may overwhelm you with joy. Remember: The people who find enough delights to laugh aloud seven times each day are the most productive, content, admired, appreciated and happiest people you can ever know. Are you one of them? Why not? Start now.

Tell me what makes your life happy. I'd like to know.

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