Sunday, March 4, 2012


Do you want to be a success? Everyone does.

What, exactly, do you want to succeed in doing or being: concert pianist, CEO, farmer, teacher, artist, composer, actor, inventor, cook, parent, politician, just being rich or simply being a loving human being? Your success is up to you. Here are five suggestions designed to help you reach your goal:

1. Describe your success in detail. Imagine successful people who reached similar goals. What did they do to become successes? Notice how they look, stand, speak, dress and move. Imgine yourself as a successful person and copy all the good and positive things you see in others. Learn to speak, move and dress in a like manner. Seek the education needed to succeed in your field then practice, practice, practice whether piano, public speaking or attitude. Yes, attitude. It is not always what you do but how you present yourself that determines success. Build the image in your mind of yourself as that successful person you are working to become.
2. The road to success always begins with a burning desire. If you don't know where your goal is, you'll end up somewhere else. Keep focus on your goal as you gather information, absorb knowledge, meet the people who can help you. Join the clubs, groups or organizations which enhance your own steps toward success. Dress the part, gain the knowledge and stay alert to opportunities.
3. Reinforce your dedication to succeed on a daily basis. Keep your burning desire hot by establishing a mantra and an image you can hear and see every day. Keep a token or a picture of success in your wallet or purse... One young man, determined to be a pilot and astronaut, kept a feather in his wallet and in his pocket and as his doodles while he studied and focused on his goal until he succeeded.
4. Practice... visualize your success, see it, feel it, wear it, develop it, mean it! If you want to be an actor, visualize yourself being interviewed on the red carpet or on television. How do you move, walk, sit? Do you dress the part? How do you intend to appear to others if your goal is to be a doctor or politician? Practice being the person you imagine as your successful self. Be ready.
5. Reach for the brass ring... When opportunity presents itself, grab it... The knock of opportunity may be loud and persistent or faint and timid. Sometimes you will need to be knocking on doors. Success doesn't arrive as a surprise package; it is a distinguishment sought and earned.

Alas, in a lifetime expectancy of about eighty years, you may have time to be a success in several arenas. I know one successful lawyer who is also a successful politician is a licensed pilot; a pediatrician I worked with was also a Black Belt in martial arts and an award-winning photographer. Perhaps 6. should be an encouragement to expand and diversity your successes. The lawyer and doctor did, I did, and so can you!
Tell me about your road to success. I'd like to know.

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