Sunday, March 18, 2012


Everyone wants to be happy. Happiness is more precious than gold. We want to hang out with the happy people - and be like them... How can we get happy, too? Let's begin by asking happy people how they got that way - then shamelessly copy them.

Happiness is attitude. It's all up to you! Abraham Lincoln said, "People are about as happy as they decide to be..." So, when you open your eyes each morning, your happiness is your decision. With a new day comes a clean slate to create your own pictures, acknowledgements and accomplishments. Take time to really see the people around you, to smell the roses and taste that breakfast coffee. Every small awareness adds happiness to your brain's pleasure monitor. Take a minute to identify five (at least five) things you are grateful for at this very moment; a shower, family, pets, job to go to, clothes to wear. As a result of this precious minute of review, tense muscles relax as energy expands; you will be encouraged to notice the beauty and friendliness in the world around you. Treat yourself to the same admiration and appreciation you have for a best friend (Woman's World 2/27/12).

Happiness is physical. Happy people do not slump or slouch. They stand tall. Here's how: Stand and stretch upward from the top of your head - bringing yourself to your full height. With chin and shoulders relaxed, you feel lighter, your walk is smoother. The easy flow of movement creates a feeling of confidence, relaxation and happiness - it makes you want to smile. Being more aware of the beauty and joy in ordinary things makes you feel like dancing to the sound of music. Use all your senses. Happiness is the fragrance of shampoo or smell of a new car, it is kisses and hugs of a loved-one. With little encouragement, a feeling of happiness insists on expanding your horizons. Want another healthy excuse for happiness? Laughter, even giggling, lowers blood pressure and improves the immune system (AARP Feb/Mar 2912).

Success is happiness. Happiness is contagious. People are drawn to happy people. M. R. Kopmeyer says, "Radiating personal magnetism is a technique which surely should be used by everyone who wants to be popular and successful." He says there are three ingredients to radiating success: 1. Generate an inner 'glow,' 2. Radiate an outer 'glow,' 3. Smile with your eyes! Begin by learning to generate and feel a 'glow' within yourself by imaging these elements: alertness, excitement, exhilaration, anticipation, confidence and emotional power. Practice these feelings until you can draw upon them at will. With practice, you will feel an aura of magnetism surround you. Practice the powerful technique of projecting your magnetic personality to influence and attract others. To 'smile with your eyes,' be sincere and genuine in your desire to smile. (We all recognize a phony smile when we see one.) You have to feel a smile before you can express it.
Kopmeyer, M.R., Thoughts to Build On, pub.1970

Looking for happiness? It is in you, in front of you, all around you. Like everything in life worth achieving, happiness has always been within your reach....practice, practice, practice. Want to multiply your happiness? Share it ...

Are you happy? Tell me about it. I'd like to know.

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