Sunday, March 18, 2012


"Smile and the World smiles with you...." is what one wise old saying tells us.

You feel better and everyone around you feels better when you smile. Try it. You'll like it.

A fitness guru recently suggested smiling while doing exercises and especially during your 30-minute-a-day walk. He said it doesn't burn any more calories, but it makes you feel lighter....

Creative people believe inspiration and problem-solving is often sparked by something they find to be amusing. (Prevention; May 2011)

Laughter is good for your health. It loosens up all the tight facial muscles and tightens up loose body muscles while stirring up brain chemicals to boost your mood.

Humorous TV shows and videos were recommended therapy for patients suffering pain during illnesses and recovery because patients who could laugh required less pain medication.

Laughing lowers blood pressure, according to another study cited in AARP magazine (Mar 2012) and laughing out loud is more beneficial than just giggling.

Families laughted together while watching Jim Henson's "The Muppets" on television - mine did. Different family members, of different ages, also have individual preferences of humor. Some prefer the oldies, like "Laurel and Hardy" or "The Three Stooges" while the younger folks prefer the cartoon-generated humor of Disney characters and LooneyTunes, or "SpongeBob SquarePants" and Nickelodeon's "Dinasaur Train."

There's a reason newspapers devote an entire page of 'comic strips' in each addition. Everyone wants (and needs) a daily bit of humor - and newspapers drtbr oy i[ daily. (Some people even read comics second....)

The person who can smile and laugh will be happier and healthier than the person who does not.
A gathering of people of good humor can accomplish great things because good begets good.
So, smile at the world and it will want to smile right back at ya.....

Want to learn to smile with your eyes? I'll tell you how in my blog "Visualize Your Success."

What's your experience with smile power? Tell me. I'd like to know.

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