Sunday, June 24, 2012


Good News!  There is help to stop unnecessary energy drain.  Although we are often our own worst enemy in stealing time and wasting precious energy, we can slow the loss by instituting a few tried and true tricks to stave off life's frustrations.

Here is good news.  By incorporating this business discipline into personal living,you reap great benefits.  Putting off or taking on too many tasks drains time and energy while RSVP ASAP works like a charm.  Yes, take immediate action to phone calls, written requests and things that need your attention.  Don't put them off.  Don't make a note, simply Do It Now.

Quick responses actually save energy and relieve frustrations.  Fold the laundry, feed the cat or load the dishwasher, etc.  These rote activities with unthinking repetitions are perfect opportunities to think, plan an review the joys of today, tomorrow or a lifetime.

Consider color.  Color is powerful.  Color is a form of energy.  When you observe it or think 'in color,' you absorb its comfort, happiness and serenity.  Try it!

In order to ensure energy tomorrow, start today by making up your bed ASAP.  Really.  Retiring to a neatly made bed brings you better sleep and peace of mind.  Each evening, take a few minutes to review your day.  Make a note of five positive things you want to remember about the day.  This exercise stimulates your memory while warding off Alzheimer's.  Now, take a deep breath and sleep in peace.

You'll look better, feel better and be more energized with 7-8 hours of sleep.

Trouble falling asleep?  Noise, lights, getting up and worry interfere with sleep.  Flip the switch on noise.  Need bathroom breaks?  Strategically install dim night lights as necessary.  Worried?  Write it down before retiring.  Tense?  Try drifting off as you imagine packing your suitcase for a trip to Hawaii or a ski lodge or -- Outer Space.

Prepare to face each day energized and revitalized!  I did.  And it works!

Nancy yTe\

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