Saturday, June 30, 2012


The Area Art Club show was today - a perfect day to attend the 34th annual show.  The steaming parking lot was full of cars so the cooler indoor temperature was a welcome relief.  Carloads of people kept arriving in spite of record heat temperatures.  Cheerful ladies greeted everyone at the door.  The display room was lighted perfectly so one's eyes were drawn to the splashes of color in framed artwork on table displays, easels and especially those  hung on rows and rows of display panels. Slowly reviewing each piece, one could feel the anticipation and expectation of discovering something new and really special.  Art Shows are fun.

My town is filled with artistic talent.  Last week's newspaper featured young artists who attend local schools and recently won art awards.  They were impressive.  The town is also known for its retiree population and it, too, includes an abundance of artistically talented folks.  Today's show included a wide variety of art styles and medium - if that is the correct art terminology - acrylic, water color, oil, pencil, photography and mixed media.  Some works were as large as murals; some as tiny as a postage stamp.  Art shows can surprise you.

Ribbon and certificate awards had been attached by judges.  The Best of Show, depicting a flamenco dancer was located prominently.  Attendees were invited to 'judge' the nearly two hundred pieces of artwork with one vote for their choice.  This 'People's Choice Award' would go to the artist whose work received the most votes at the end of the day.  That kinda makes the attendee take some responsibility - and feel important.  Art shows can make you feel intelligent and valuable.

 I often encourage people to sing out loud or to get up and dance.  Today I recommend you not only sing and dance but take yourself to visit an art gallery, too.  Whether you prefer oil, pencil or sidewalk chalk, whether you visit the Louvre, Crystal Bridge or a local show, your thinking and your life may take on more color and joy as a result.  If you decide to just sit on your veranda, or just go fishing, that's OK, too.  It is up to you to choose whether to view the amazing artistry of man in a gallery or the spectacular reality of God's creations in nature.  Either way, it is like a visit to the art gallery - in technicolor, 3D or reality.  Art can be beautiful.

Nancy yTe \

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