Thursday, July 12, 2012


The downpour of rain came so fast and heavy, gutters overflowed and the temperature plummeted.  It was a welcome relief.  People lost count of the times temperatures exceeded record highs during the past three weeks.  Only the old folks can recall last time it was so hot for so long.  We were cautious in our use of water and, living on the edge of the woods, appreciated the county burn ban.

It was the last week of June when thermometers on both my east porch and west patio registered more than 100 degrees each afternoon.  All activity indoors and out slowed or stopped.  The rabbits, deer and fox disappeared into woods by mid-morning.  I hid in my air-conditioned house with Daphne and Galaxy - my cats.  Even so, the oppressive heat took its physical toll as my energy and ambition melted.  My brain went foggy.  Being dull-minded may not be unusual but my awareness of it was somewhat frustrating.

So, a neighbor and I took a little movie matinee break. The weatherman predicted 'scattered showers' but we didn't put much faith in it becasuse he had offered the same expectation for several days previous - with nary a drop.  We marveled with excitement when a few raindrops splatted on the windshield as we drove to town.  We were encouraged and hopeful.  Our expectations soared when, as we watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on the screen, thunder rolling and crashing overhead.  Imagine our surprise and disappointment to walk out the door into bright, hot sunshine with not a single drop of rain anywhere in sight.

Today, ten days into July, the afternoon temperatures have cooled down to the upper-90s.  It is comfortable to sit on the porch or patio, to read the newspaper or write a letter and relax.  The grass didn't crunch underfoot when I filled the bird feeders this morning.  Sad and droopy plants are actually perked up and showing off their colorful blooms once again.  All is well with the world.  It's like the song from the movie Oklahoma:  "Oh, what a beautiful morning.  Oh, what a beautiful day." - Makes me want to sing ! 

So, how's your day?  I'd like to know....
~Nancy yTe~

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