Monday, August 20, 2012


How Lucky can a Lucky Charm be?

Call it wishful thinking or plain old superstition but people have been putting faith in tokens and charms since the beginning of time.  A token represents some wish, fact, desire, event or emotion.  It is a symbol of portent, something that tangibly signifies authority, validity, faith or hope.

People invest power in objects used as charms for good luck, success, safety or health.  Whether foolishness or faith, it is empowered by the person and becomes an important reminder of hope and faith.  Thus, people empower themselves with charms.  Those who think they are lucky, tend to be lucky as they find items and win prizes or games of chance.  Lucky people notice lucky things like a coin on the path, beautiful scenery or a winning business deal.  Then, they cheerfuly and gratefully credit their lucky charm for their good fortune.

A person empowers a token, it becomes powerful then returns its power upon request. The lucky charm charm you carry is a constant reminder of your power and confirmation of faith, luck and gratitude.

Over the years, I have carried many charms and tokens - sometimes more than one at a time.  There is a marble at the bottom of my purse to ensure I haven't 'lost all my marbles' - the result of a lecture attended while studying behavioral science many, many years ago, and a reminder to think rationally.  There's a bird feather in my wallet as a reminder of the freedom I enjoy.  And, I carry a coin awarded for community service which reads, "To thine own self be true" as a reminder to live and share a positive lifestyle.

What tokens have you empowered - a wedding ring, lucky coin, four-leaf clover, photograph, souvenir or religious symbol?  To succeed in living life is the goal.  To use charms as reminders is a good thing.  Success can be yours.  So, reach for your lucky charm and watch those good things happen.
~ Nancy yTe~

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