Monday, August 13, 2012


...and let the fresh air in...

After a six-week run of temperatures setting new all-time records, 90 degrees feels quite comfortable. There have been few cars on the road as humans dash between air-conditioned home and stores with no dilly-dallying between.  Farm animals stand like statues under shade trees.  Household pets are as quiet and lethargic as their owners.

Today I am going to allow myself to relax on the patio, under the umbrella, with a cup of coffee and the newspaper.  I may even write a letter or snap a few photos.  It is difficult to believe we are now a week into August and this is the first time since mid-June the patio beckons.  Certainly relaxing on the patio has been a morning ritual in years past - when temperatures didn't climb to levels of discomfort until noontime.  Sitting in my own back yard feels like the 'great escape' after being locked up indoors with the air-conditioner running.

2012 has been a record-setting year across the entire United States.  My Arkansas home is right in the middle. Certainly we are accustomed to 100 degree summer tempertures for several days in a row - not several weeks in a row.  Let me remember to be grateful.  I do have A/C.  My mother's knoll-top farm house, just an hour east of my home, was designed to welcome every little breeze but it was just an old 8" one-speed fan that stirred the hot air when there was no brreeze.  Hot was definitely hot!

At last, with a bit of fresh air moving gently and tolerable temperatures, the wilted garden, encouraged by a nice splash from the garden hose, is willing to bloom out for the birds and butterflies and bumblebees that stop to say 'good morning.'

So, OPEN THE WINDOW, George...  real life is still going on out here....    Nancy yTe \

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