Tuesday, January 15, 2013


If you've made it through the first half of January,  it's time to have a party.  Gather up some friends or neighbors or colleagues and get social.  Maybe you want to start with one friend, neighbor or colleague, or just a few people rather than the entire neighborhood, but have a party.  It makes no difference if you play cards, watch a football game or just chat. I read somewhere that having a party not only makes you feel physically energized but mentally alert as well.  Who knew?

A New Year typically begins with resolutions, good intentions and positive thinking.  Mine did.  My resolution was so simple: Put a positive spin on anything I ponder and say.  Like my 101 other philosophies of life, this one should be a snap.  However, like other philosophies, it requires real interaction with other real people before its real value sparkles.  I like sparkle.

So, throw a party.  Women invite friends in to try out a new recipe.  Men invite friends to tinker in the workshop or to go fishing.  I enjoy inviting people over to celebrate a holiday, try out new ideas or play MahJongg.  Whatever your reason, invite people to join you.  Make it a party.   You may be surprised to learn that you will not only feel happy but be healthier when you do.  I read an article (AARP/2013) indicating people who institute simple, yet healthy resolutions have experienced major health improvements.  I'll vote for that.

Yes, Keep it simple: Get up, get dressed, get out; Join a group; Do one thing at a time; Smile with your eyes; Adopt a pet; Be a volunteer; Talk on the phone; Listen to your favorite music; Learn something new; Do the thing and you will have the power; Enjoy whatever you are doing right now; Laugh; Dance and Have a party.

Nancy yTe \]

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