Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I have come to believe in the three-legged stool metaphor.  Certainly I have used it to teach models of success in business, and as a design for personal achievement in Life Skill lectures.  This old milking stool concept has been around for many years.  It reappears in every topic, whether political, personal, religious, scientific of philosophical.
   Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
   Physical, mental, spiritual. 
   Faith, hope, charity.
   Morning, noon, night.
   Red, white and blue.
   Me, myself and I.

Our United States was based on this philosophy.  The three branches of government were designed for balance of power to ensure that no one person or branch could have too much power.
   Legislative branch,
   Judicial branch,
   Executive branch.

Social Security was described and depicted to the American public as a three-legged stool.  Designed as a working citizen's insurance, Social Security is one leg to maintaining minimum life necessities following retirement.  Private and business pensions make up the second leg while personal savings and investments is the third.

Did you know this same metaphor was employed by football coaches who told their teams games are played and won with knowledge, mechanics and sportsmanship; insisting if one leg is weak, the stool will topple?

McDonald's milking stool consists of the business, the franchisees and the suppliers, according to the late Ray Kroc who brought the golden arches to fame and fortune.

President Reagan's three-legged stool consisted of free enterprise, strong defense and pro-family social policies.  Currently, some people believe his three-legged stool is being replaced by a Pogo stick as the single area of interest is the springboard for political advancement. 

Nonetheless, with so many successes, I maintain this metaphor, when designed and used for good, is a model for balance and stability, so
  Identify goal, map route succeed, take action to achieve your goal. 
   Work, enjoy life, share your success with others.
   See the beauty around you, laugh often, dance-dance-dance.

Tell me your experience with the 3-legged stool metaphor.  I'd like to know.

Nancy yTe \

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