Monday, March 11, 2013


Habits are a blessing - and a burden.  It is Spring.  Ready or not, it is time for spring cleaning.  I am looking forward to enjoying the result of rooms freshly cleaned from ceiling to baseboard.  A bedroom is always a good place to begin 'airing out.'  The vision of bedding hung on a clothesline is the perfect picture of nostalgia in springtime.  What fun to empty closets and dressers, to sort and reorganize to perfection.  I can hardly wait to see the showplace I plan to create.

All this cleaning, dusting, scrubbing and redecorating requires planning, ambition, energy and dedication.  There is no doubt I enjoy the planning part.  I just cannot help myself.  I can picture coordinated boxes, compartments and containers for shoes, clothes, scarves and jewelry.  I have a mental image of the colorful new pictures I'll hang on the walls and chachka strategically placed on dressers and night stands.  Yes, planning is definitely my favorite part of spring cleaning.

It is going to take some ambition to transform the winter bedroom into a vision of spring.  I have accomplished this miracle many times in my past life.  I remember closets emptied into boxes and piled about the room as I hauled a six foot stepladder and dragged the stiffened drop clothes in readiness to paint closet walls.  It takes at least two days before paint dries in closets and it is safe to refill with newly sorted clothes. Of course the smell of paint lingers for days - and even weeks in the clothes that were hung there.  Meanwhile, it is time to clean out dresser drawers - though the weather is now sweet and inviting - like butterfly kisses on winter-pale faces.  The patio beckons with its cushioned furniture and shade umbrella; plants are beginning to bloom and birds call "good morning" as they flit to and from the feeders.

The closet is completed and I am without energy to move to the next room.  I've used up all my 'dedication' on one closet, so it's time to enjoy the season.  I'll just grab my camera and a cup of coffee before I join the other colorful birds on the patio.  Perhaps next year, when the spring cleaning hub bites me, I'll remember to begin in a smaller closet.

Are you bitten by the spring cleaning bug?  Tell me about it.  I'd like to know.

Nancy yTe \

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