Thursday, March 28, 2013


You'll know it's Easter time if you walk through any store in your home town this week.  Of course this is traditionally a Christian celebration of resurrection.  It is also the perfect spring celebration of awakening, rebirth and renewal.  Crocus, hyacinth and jonquil bloom in the gardens as  baby rabbits and chicks are born and hatch, bringing hope of a new day and a new season with new life once again.  One feels a sense of faith as days grow brighter after a long and dark winter.  What a perfect time to celebrate with new hope, new ambition and a new hat.

Many years ago, weather permitting, people enjoyed the Easter parade of neighbors from home to church.  Perhaps the parade on 5th Avenue was more spectacular but ours was great fun. What ever happened to that special day for showing off new shoes, dresses, Sunday suits and hats dripping with ribbons and rosebuds?

Easter meant a big family dinner.  Our dining table was opened to its full length to accommodate old aunts and uncles.  Some years snow covered the ground and winter coats hid our new clothes.  Other years were so warm dyed eggs were hidden among the spring flowers blooming in Dad's gardens.  Collected from their hiding places, the eggs provided colorful decorations to the serving table where Mother carried huge bowls of food and the big, shiny ham.  The sight was a Norman Rockwell picture; the aroma, mouth-watering.

Oh, so many beautiful Easter baskets.  I do love the colors of this season.  I love hats and new clothes.  I love baby bunnies, too.  This year, living in the middle of nowhere, I thought I'd bring home a couple baby ducklings to raise as 'watch dogs' since they are a better alarm system than my cats can ever be.  Unfortunately, my ducky idea was vetoed - it may violate some covenant.  But, there is nobody to veto my pleasure in enjoying this year's family dinner, a basket filled with goodies, perhaps a bouquet of flowers and lots of jelly beans.  I still have three days to take a shopping trip to buy an Easter bonnet - just in case, with the remotest possibility, there will be an Easter Parade ... somewhere....

How do you remember Easter?  Tell me.  I'd like to know.
Nancy yTe\

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