Thursday, March 21, 2013


Just in case you didn't know, lists are the secret ingredient for a happy, healthy and successful life.  Sort of...

I like lists.  I write and use lists on a daily basis.  While they take time, they also save time.  Everybody needs lists.  Who doesn't rely on a 'to do' list?  They make me think - and save energy.  OK, you may keep lists in your head but I have to write mine down or end up wasting time, patience and money.  I feel both happy and successful as I click off each accomplishment.  Experience has shown me that life, organized with lists, pays bonus minutes for pleasure and relaxation.  (At this time in my life, I need every minute I can get.)

My bonus minutes are spent on music, friends, words and ideas.  All that good stuff showed up this week in a skinny printing of Chicken Soup for... which includes lists entitled 'Dare To...' and 'It's Never too Late to...,' contributed by Meiji Stewart.  Wow - lists with a potential to stimulate happier, healthier, more successful stuff in my already beautiful life.

Dare to... Ask for what you want.  Holy smackaroos!  I had to take a moment to think of what I want.  What do I want?  Do I want something enough that I would ask for it?  My enlightenment: Of course, this would be the first item on the list.  Of course, I do ask for what I want on a daily basis - as I start every day asking God, my higher power, to protect me and guide me through the day.  With that request in good hands, there is little else I might want.

Dare to... Believe in yourself; Follow your heart's desire; Join in more; Make new friends and Be zany.  With these five dares bundled into one, I feel confident to join with a friend to attend art classes.  Since both she and I come from families with artists, this new adventure shouldn't be too far off the mark.  I've wanted to try out my artistic genes for years - after all, I won a "Best in Show" for my artwork in 7th grade - seventy years ago.  Certainly I plan to join in whole heartedly to make new friends in the art classes.  I believe 'in' is 'in' and I couldn't keep myself from being zany - even if I tried.

That's as far as I've gotten on today's 'to do' list ;- but there is a whole lot more to Stewart's lists.  I'm sure more of it will show up on the NancyPtahDaa blog site at a later date.  Dare to... Hope.

Do you make lists?  Do you dare to Believe, Follow, Join, Be....  Tell me.  I'd like to know.

Nancy yTe \

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