Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Spring has donned its best colors and attitude.  The season is for preparing a party, a prom, a social debut or, definitely, a new life adventure.  Why not be an integral part of it?  Why not dare to make it even bigger and better?  Be enterprising.  Dare to take on a new adventure or a new style - or both.  Be ambitious.  Be risky.

To be enterprising requires just two things: First is creativity to see ordinary things in a new way, then to take courage to reshape them - possibly to a personal and financial advantage.  What would you really like to invest yourself in?  Are you a homemaker, musician, architect, gardener, artist, inventor...?  Whatever you are, be enterprising.

See opportunity in all areas of your life.  You can influence, reshape and improve things and ideas.  An enterprising person is one who comes across a pile of wood or old horse shoes and sees it as a sculpture, or the baker who plucks a patch of Tiger lilies to use as garnish alongside a simple wedge of apple pie.  These are the people who dare to be enterprising.  What adventure or dream would you dare to expand?

I have decided to be enterprising in several directions this year.  Most have some relationship to color for, as I grow old, I have a need to see and feel and absorb more color.  It is my plan to join an organization designed to give aid to others as it encourages its own membership.  As an outsider, the group appears to be a blueprint for stability, adventure and creativity; its members are diverse and colorful individuals, so I will dive in rather than test the waters. (I'll let you know how that works out...)  I have also determined to try to create colorful artwork - certainly something I know nothing about but want to learn in order to 'reshape' ordinary things from color on paper to garden plants and home decor.  I think I'd like to organize and host a variety of events at my home and elsewhere - hopefully, in a new and different fashion.

Join me!  Dare to be enterprising - Dare to be the one who creates a better mousetrap.  Then, tell me about it - because I want to know.

Nancy yTe \

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